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10 Ways To Help You Come Up With New Ideas For Your Blog

What is the first thing that comes to your mind while creating a blog? If it isn’t good content, then we suggest you read that again!

Consistently writing content that is new, engaging and valuable to your reader is the key to a successful blog, where success is defined by increased website traffic and higher conversion rate!

However, writing content regularly can be challenging. In the beginning, content marketers have their calendars filled with unique ideas and topics for their website blog. But soon comes a time when they have to face empty Google docs, empty Editorial Calendars, and empty WordPress blog posts! You feel like you have written everything you possibly could have and now you are out of ideas!

We know what hitting an idea wall can feel like, so here are ten ways to help you dig new ideas for your blog content:

1. Look to your sales team for online content

Your company’s sales team is constantly in touch with your consumers, answering their questions and listening to their concerns. They know exactly what your consumer is interested in and you can use their insights to create blog content that gives readers value and maybe even gives them answers to questions they have not yet thought of.

2. Read your blog’s comment section

A great source for your blog content is your own blog! Scan the comments section of all your blog posts and you will find your readers asking questions, giving you their feedback, opinions, or sometimes even telling you what you should have included in the post - they could literally be telling you what they want to read about!

Use this in your content writing to give them articles that they find helpful and informative.

3. Use Google autocomplete & keywords

Google’s suggestions can often help with SEO copywriting for your blog posts. Use Google keywords to see what attract the most traffic and how you can create relevant content around them.

Another great way to use Google for blog post inspiration is to use its ‘auto complete’ feature. Find out what topics people are searching for and what your customers want to know most about and use them as inspiration for your next blog article.

A sure-shot source for new blog content is trends in your industry. Keeping a close watch on up and coming trends can give you the inspiration to write opinion pieces, forecasting articles or posts explaining the trend. It is also a good way to piggyback on the popularity and attention a particular hot topic is receiving to drive more traffic to your blog.

5. Scan your competitor's blogs

What are your competitors writing about? Analysing your competitors’ posts tells you what the reader is taking away from their blog, what insights their content offers and a smart way for you to find out  whether they have missed out on something you can talk about.

Another way is to look at their comments section to see what feedback their audience is giving them and if you can satisfy their need with content of your own.

6. Conduct interviews with industry influencers

An interview with well-known  people from your industry provides plenty of inspiration for new content. Whether they are offering industry tips, an insider’s perspective or even personal experiences, you can use that discussion as a content piece in itself or as a premise for a related topic.

7. Read more books

Books and e-books about your niche are an amazing source for new content. They come with credible, researched information and just flipping through them is sure to give you numerous ideas for your next blog post. Although, if you think this demands more time than you have on your hands, you can also quickly skim through the contents section of any book relevant to your industry and pick out broad topics you think can work well for you blog page.

8. Follow top news publications in your industry

All the sites your consumer follows for news about your industry, you should be following too! These sites give you a good overview of what topics, tips and trends are the most interesting in the industry at the moment and if you look for the articles with high engagement, you will find plenty of content ideas for your blog posts.

9. Join social media groups

A reservoir for content writing ideas/topics - groups on LinkedIn and Facebook are filled with industry discussions, topics, queries and solutions!

Participating in these discussions will provide you with enough diverse opinions and as content fodder for your next few blog posts. You could even write content that answers common questions asked across these groups and post your article in response to attract new audiences and bring traffic into your blog site.

10. Get on Quora

Public forums like Quora are gold mines for content writing ideas. The best way to navigate these sites is to -

  • Make a list of keywords related to your niche
  • Check all discussions and titles with those words

Actually participating in these discussions will also give you tons of topic ideas and because people provide many external links on the platform, it becomes easier for you to find more credible information to back up your blog content.

Bonus tip!

11. Follow industry influencers

One way to get over your writer’s block is to follow your industry’s top influencers on Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. Not only do they cover topics often with valuable insights, they also answer a ton of questions every day. Many questions go unanswered because they do not have the time - use this opportunity to answer them in your content and promote your blog.


Creative writing is a great responsibility, and writing creative content consistently is even bigger. When you are in the content business, coming up with fresh and unique content ideas is difficult especially when there are so many out in the market chasing the same targets. But it is also rewarding. The more unique ideas you write about, the more your readers will come back to your blog for valuable content.

Would you like to add anything else to our list? Comment down below and let us know what you think!

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