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3 Major Reasons Why Lousy Content Is Killing Your Online Business

In a sea of business websites and blogs, the only way to ensure your own website is above water is good content writing.

While setting up a business website may seem relatively easy, maintaining one is not! In order to bring in more traffic and keep users engaged, your website needs to have constantly updated, relevant and quality content.

So what is  ‘good content’?

It is no rocket science - know that for sure. Writing content that is backed by plenty of research, easy to understand and practically useful for your readers is a definite win-win! Throw in some visual aids and variety in the mix and voila! You have their interest and attention at once.

Often, small businesses overlook the importance of content because it is time-consuming and requires planning and effort. But what they are forgetting is that the less they invest in article writing, the more they risk producing lousy content, which shows little to no originality, lacks factual data and ultimately fails to hold reader’s attention for long.

Everybody wants to move far and fast when they are just starting out and it is that state of scurry which leads businesses to make the silliest mistakes that take them farther away from their goals and delays the entire process.

But you don’t need to worry because we have created a list of few most common mistakes brands make while creating content for their website and blogs.

Don’t follow these points for your online success!  

1. SEO is king!

Sorry to burst your bubble but ‘Content is still king’!

Businesses often make this mistake and believe that the more SEO content you post, the better. But, your website engagement really depends on the quality rather than the volume. While frequency is great, your content needs to add value to your reader.

Search engines alike also encourage you to write for your readers first!

2. Calling a banana an elongated yellow fruit

Another reason your content could be driving away consumers is verbosity. If your content writing is needlessly wordy and difficult to understand, you risk confusing your reader and alienating a majority of your consumers.

Quit trying so hard, and call a banana a banana! Your readers will appreciate that.

3. Content writing for everyone!

Content that is irrelevant, is content wasted.

When you write articles about issues that do not appeal to your readers, or subject matter that is outdated, your search engine rankings drop and the likelihood of new audiences discovering you slims down.

It is important to know exactly what is going on in your industry and what kind of information your consumers look for.  


Publishing original content is a lot of work, but there is a reason you need to do it.

While there are many other reasons why your online content is not as effective as you thought, these are major setbacks for your online business. One way to improve content writing for your business is to research - doing your homework on the kind of content you can create and how successful blogs execute this is a great way to learn the ropes.

Additionally, it always helps to be active on forums where your consumers interact and learn what topics of conversation are relevant to them and what you can use to draw them in.

However, if you struggle to find time and expertise that it requires, you can also hire a content writing agency and work with professional content writers. When you do not have writing talent in house, you can trust a professional writer to produce great content for you. Find one that understands your industry and give them a framework of how and what your company would like to communicate, and leave the rest to them.

Do you think you can do better with your content? Tell us how we can help!

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