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Importance Of E-mail Marketing And Trends in 2020

Marketing channels have undergone tremendous change during the last few years. The traditional means of marketing such as TV, radio and paper advertisements are fast phasing out, thanks to the uninterrupted content services provided by the likes of Netflix and Amazon among others. Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have had their own fair share of contribution in re-defining the marketing space.

Amongst all the shuffle, one mode of marketing that has grown stronger is e-mail marketing. With the influx of internet around the globe and smartphones being a common thing now, e-mail marketing campaigns are on the rise and companies are now working towards providing value-added content for their target audience to engage them.

The e-mail marketing strategy of a company can no longer harp of sending automated emails to a pre-defined e-mail list and expect a positive outcome.

E-mail campaigns have undergone major evolution and continue to do so.

Here are the top trends/strategies that have dominated the e-mail marketing space in 2018that you can make use in your marketing strategy:

Personalized content writing and segmentation of e-mails:

Nobody wants to read random messages that begin with a "Dear All" or a “Dear Valued customer” salutation.

As a reader, an e-mail will draw your attention if it is addressed directly to you.Personalization does not stop just there. Brands are making concentrated efforts to understand consumer preferences and segment the e-mails based on parameters such as demographics, open and click-through rates, location of the customer and other parameters.All this to understand the trends and customize messages in a way that readers find it useful.

A study suggests that 70% of the brands are not able to personalize their e-mails which can be a deal breaker.

Making it more interactive by following e-mail marketing tips

As a reader, what would command your attention - paragraphs of black and white text or an interactive mail that includes pictures, questionnaires and may be an AV message as well?

Companies should make use of established e-mail marketing tips(such as SEO content writing techniques, writing engaging e-mails, finding target audience etc.) to fine-tune their e-mails in a way that the reader is encouraged to spend time and learn more about the offerings. Give them value addition in your e-mails and they will keep coming back to you.

Respect the data privacy of the customers

The best way to show your costumers that you care is to let them know that their information is well protected and you do not share it out publicly. This is important especially if you have included any surveys or polls in your e-mail and expect the reader to reply. This will instill confidence in your readers, especially after the recent revelations of misuse of personal data by many top companies.

Use of Drip campaigns

Make use of e-mail marketing tools such as autoresponders, SEO writing techniques, predictive analysis models etc., to pique the interest of the reader in your brand.

Drip marketing is a simple strategy where pre-written messages are sent to customers or prospects over a definitive period of time or as an auto-response to their e-mails. This can be best used when you have a prospective customer, and you need to follow up with them or feed them with new information or track the behaviour of a customer to understand their tastes and preferences and create personalised e-mails for them.


With an ROI of 4300%and a preference rate of 73% over other modes of marketing amongst millennials, e-mails are a potent tool for brands and businesses to market their products. Strategists must understand and follow the latest e-mail marketing trends to stay relevant amongst the readers, providing enough value addition for converting a potential customer into a long-term business.

What are the other trends that define e-mail marketing in 2018? Have they added to your business?

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