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3 Tips On How To Write A Whitepaper For More Leads

Do you think whitepapers are still in? How do you say they can help you meet your business objectives? Can they at all?

These are just a few of the many doubts businesses have towards whitepapers these days.

Whitepapers may not be the most popular marketing technique today, but if used correctly it can prove effective in building audience trust and generating more leads for your business.

Whitepapers can also be used to:

  • Explain more complex topics about your industry/product/service
  • Talk about a common problem among your target audience and provide a solution
  • Introduction to a new product or service

However, in this article we want to focus on tips and techniques you can use to create Whitepapers that help you in lead generation.

1. Use your whitepaper content to feed the need of your audience

Just like any other piece of content you publish online, paying close attention to what your audience wants is key. There  are plenty of resources on the internet (including your direct competitors) to meet your consumer’s expectations.

So, if you are trying to stand out and catch their eye, start by learning more about their problems with regard to your industry, product or service. Use forums and social media platforms that generate a lot of comments. If you have the expertise to provide solutions to any of those topics, get to work!

2. Provide substantial content with authoritative data

The advantage with whitepapers is that you have the liberty to use multiple types of content and make it more engaging. While you do that, make sure the content is not too chunky and can be consumed easily. Provide plenty of graphs, infographics, and images to make it visually appealing.

If you are writing about an existing topic, make sure to add previous authoritative work on the subject. This way you can add new information in continuation with what your readers may already know. And they will appreciate that!

3. Create a “gated” whitepaper

Writing a good whitepaper alone doesn’t guarantee success. If your aim is to generate more leads, you need to convince them to share their information in exchange of your content. Don’t ask for too much at once, rather seek smaller pieces of information at a time. For example, you can insert a small pop-up right before your whitepaper asking for their email address. This way you can build up a solid list of business leads without losing their interest.


When it comes to content marketing, whitepapers are undoubtedly quite underrated.

Well optimised whitepapers can effectively push prospects further into  the conversion funnel. But, before you dive into it specify your goals, define your target audience and detail their requirements. Writing about topics that do not appeal to your audience is of no use. To make good use of the content, create an attractive landing page summarising the objective of your whitepaper.

Have you created a whitepaper for your business yet?

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