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3 Ways Whitepapers Can Help You Build A Brand Persona

Whitepapers are documents containing well-researched reports about a particular subject which are published online, much like a blog post. However, it is different from a blog post in the sense that it is much longer, and contains a lot more information specific to the relevant subject.

Whitepapers have become a highly effective marketing tool in the last few years. Considering its size and format, it is one of the best ways to exhibit your grasp in any subject as well as to generate leads. With whitepapers, not only do you get to show the reader how in-depth your knowledge on the subject is and offer your own take on it but at the same time, you can advertise your brand or company. If done properly, whoever reads your whitepaper will walk away with the impression that your company or business is the best source for information on the relevant topic.

Considering its format and the need to be able to elucidate highly specific details about the required topic while writing a whitepaper, it is always recommended that you hire a professional content writer with adequate experience for the job. Detail is the key here, and a well written whitepaper will reflect positively upon your company and your capability to stand out intellectually from other professionals within the same field.

How to create an effective whitepaper

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while constructing the body of the paper:

Select the right topic

Think long and hard when you are trying to decide the topic on which you are going to write about. It is important to identify your target audience at this stage. Choose a topic that your target audience will easily identify with and will pique their interest.

Structure of the whitepaper

Ensure that you strictly follow the whitepaper format throughout. Create a basic draft of the structure beforehand and then begin to fill in the descriptive details.

Make the description engaging.

Ensure that you write a descriptive analysis of whatever topic you have chosen. Considering that a whitepaper is longer than a blog, you have to talk at length about the topic. A good content writer will be able to write at length without making it feel monotonous and will keep the reader engrossed till the end of the paper. Make it more engaging by taking a problem and solution approach. Describe a problem that the customer is likely to face and then go into detail about how it can be solved.

Make it SEO-friendly

Use an SEO friendly format to ensure that your whitepaper reaches your target audience. Use a multitude of SEO focused keywords all throughout the paper. Here again, an experienced professional content writer will know exactly how to frame the content around the keywords that you have chosen relevant to the topic of your whitepaper.


With the ever-increasing competition in today’s market, a whitepaper is an excellent way to set yourself and your brand apart from other players in the field. A good whitepaper can help you establish yourself as an intellectual leader among your peers and subsequently grow your brand into a name to be reckoned with.

Do you have any tips that you would add to this list? Do let us know of any.

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