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4 Factors That Could Affect Your Blog Ranking On Google

Every business with or without a blog site today wants to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. A high ranking means more traffic which in turn means more leads, recognition and revenue.

Google has 200 factors depending on which it ranks sites, varying in importance and some interconnected. Google itself has not officially released much information on how exactly it ranks sites, but several surveys combined together point to a few factors that are vital to increasing your blog site’s ranking.

1. Blog Content

There is no way to stress this enough: good content equals better rankings!

In order for your blog to climb up the ranking ladder, it needs to have fresh, relevant and accurate content writing. Writing blog posts that are relevant and SEO friendly is key - this means doing abundant research both into your topic and how SEO copywriting and best practices work. Google and other search engines prefer newer content over old, so it is important to go back to your old posts and edit and update information as required.

2. Time spent on blog site

A blog’s ranking is often determined by their ‘dwell time’- the amount of time users spend on your site or blog post. Google takes note of how long visitors stay on your site and how many pages they browse before jumping off to another page or website.

The longer they spend, the more likely it is that your blog offers thorough, engaging and valuable information therefore telling Google that your content is relevant and increasing your blog’s ranking.

The number and quality of domains that link back to your page is a huge factor that affects your blog ranking. They determine how credible and authentic your blog site is and this can severely increase or decrease how Google or other search engines rank you.

Similar to this, another factor is Outbound links - citing the sources you use in your content writing is a huge trust signal for Google as it makes your business blog seem credible and genuinely helpful to your reader. Also, the more credible your sources, the higher your ranking.

4. Repeat visitors to your blog

It is simple - how many of your website visitors come back? Google keeps track of repeat visitors to your blog site as an indication of good content. This means, Google assumes that through your content writing, you are giving people valuable information they can return for.

This makes you seem like a credible authority and boosts your blog rankings. If you are not sure how many repeat visitors your blog draws in, you can check it with Google Analytics.


There are numerable factors that affect your blog rankings and even more ways you can optimize your blog. However, a helpful tip to remember when content writing for a blog is that Google appreciates when you put your audience first - so write for the reader first, then for the search engine.

Are there any other factors you know of that are essential to blog rankings on Google? Share with us in the comments below!

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