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5 Blogging Ideas For Beginners

Business blogging is more important today than ever before. According to a survey by Curata, over 50 percent of marketers claim that blogging has increased their brand visibility, SEO rankings and given a massive boost to their user engagement.

Now, isn’t that amazing!

Content writing, if done right can do wonders for your business too. But the biggest question still remains – how do you start a blog? Where do you begin? What do you write about?

If you find yourself wondering about these questions and what blog posts you should start with, we have some ideas for you:

1. Guides for beginners

People are always looking to learn the basics in any industry, and Beginner Guides are a popular go-to solution. When writing your blog post, a great way to drive organic traffic is to create 101 guide posts.

If there is a new topic in your niche you think people would want to know more about or an old topic you feel you can more in-depth insights to, include it in your blog! Not only is it super helpful to your reader, but it also builds your business blog’s credibility.

2. FAQ posts

Frequently Asked Questions are a gold mine for bloggers. While e-commerce websites have dedicated sections for FAQs, blogs often overlook them and end up losing out on traffic. People are always searching for answers and if your content provides relevant information, your blog is likely to attract more eyeballs, resulting in a higher rank on Google.

3. Interviews

Interviews are a great source for content. Interviewing top influencers in your industry not only provide you with ample inspiration, but it can also help you boost your traffic by giving you an opportunity to indirectly interact with their users by linking your content to their website or blog page.

You can talk about their personal experiences relevant to the industry, or get their insights on a particular topic you think your readers might be interested in. You can also break one interview in several different blog posts by focusing on different topics one at a time.  

4. Tutorials / How-To posts

No one reads instruction manuals any more. And it comes as no surprise that chunks of information soiled with confusing words and with almost no visual appeal, are not a popular choice anymore. So what do people do instead? They Google it.

The key to How-To posts is finding the things your audience is curious about or struggling with - it can be anything from how to pack a suitcase in under 10 minutes tohow to build a better content strategy. Either way, if your blog post offers truly helpful and valuable information, you can bet your audience will be coming back for more.

Yes, industry trends are a well-known source for blog posts, but there is a reason for that. Everyone wants to learn more about the newest trend on the block, and content writers use this as an opportunity to capitalize on the traffic a particular topic is getting.

Find trends that are relevant to your audience, do your research and provide in-depth articles about them for a sure shot at a successful blog post.


With blogging comes plenty of failed brainstorms, writer’s blocks and idea walls, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel! When you begin, it might seem difficult and tedious but with time, you will find coming up with new ideas challenging and exciting. Topics like the ones listed above are sure shot ways to get your blog site off to a great start and are guaranteed to bring you traffic.

Need more ideas? Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you!

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