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5 Commandments Of SEO That Work

As of January 2019, over 1 billion websites were reported on the world wide web! However, just a small fraction of them, nearly 10-15% are considered active now.

What does that mean?

More chances of you crushing the competition and dominate the search engines? Well, you are not completely wrong with that!

The data suggests fewer competition for sure, but the effort you put into your search engine optimisation to rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages) and increase visibility among your target audience should not fall flat. Especially for newer businesses, these numbers do not make a lot of difference. They still need to boost their SEO, whether it’s through content writing, link structure, anchor texts or keywords.

But let’s focus on SEO content writing for now. Here are five commandments of SEO copywriting you need to keep in mind while creating your website content.

Create unique and value-added content for readers

The concept of unique and quality content for SEO keeps popping up time after time. And rightly so, because your content is what attracts traffic to your website in the first place. So, if you fail to engage with your audience through website content be prepared to see a drop in your ranking signals, and consequently lowering rankings on Google.

Add unique elements to your copywriting and make it stand out in the crowd. People are not going to flock to your website for something they can find on another website and in a much better form.

Keyword stuffing in copywriting - a big no no!

Keyword stuffing is the biggest mistake businesses, content marketers and content writers make while writing content online. Sitting through a page full of jargon is not only exhausting for your readers, but is also perceived as hyperbolic clickbait.  

How does this affect you? Google takes a note of how much time users spend on your website. So naturally, if they feel cheated after landing on your blog page and decide to bounce back to the search engine within a few seconds, Google will take note of the dip in time spent on your website. This will effectively impact your ranking factor in search results.

Instead of keyword stuffing, try using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in your content that are semantically related to your main keywords.

Give preference to low-competitive keywords in articles

Stop chasing after keywords with high competition! What are the chances of you ranking for a keyword that is used by 50,000+ other people in the industry?

That being said, you don’t have to completely neglect keywords that may rank high in competition. However, focus more on the ones that lie somewhere in between the spectrum and are also equally relevant to your products and services. That way you increase your chances of getting ranked high up on the search engine fairly quickly.

Keep updating your website content

When you are researching for a content topic online, what’s the first thing that you do? Check for its timeliness, right? See if its still relevant in the current scenario and not outdated.

Similarly, your users need to be sure what you put out on your website is in fact relevant content and updated from time to time. Set a calendar and make it a habit to revisit old posts to check if:

  • They are still relevant to your users with respect to your products and services
  • They can be modified to suit your readers needs
  • They need to be scrapped completely


No matter how high or low the competition goes, if you know how to use SEO effectively you will be fine! From creating high quality website content for your readers to scrapping the articles that are outdated, your intent should be to provide value-added information for your customers.

Be attentive to your ranking signals - keywords, internal and external linking, website user engagement, copywriting, and so on. Understanding ranking factors is essential to website SEO.

Are you struggling with your SEO content? Share your challenges with us in the comments below!

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