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5 Easy Ways To Get Started With Your Blog Content Strategy

In today’s world, businesses online are growing like, and for you to get noticed in this chaos, you need to highlight what makes you different and how you stand apart.

Are your website and blog able to stand out to attract more traffic?

Do you have a proper content marketing strategy in place to convert traffic into revenue?

Figuring out how to write a blog is not very easy. However, here are five steps you should keep in mind.

Step 1: Why Write a Blog?

There are three crucial questions that arise when talking about content marketing strategy. What, how, and why? Some companies know what they do, some special other know how they do it, but very few know why.

What is the purpose of blog posts on your website? Is it to increase sales, drive traffic, tell people about your brand?

Have at least 2-3 of these questions in place so that you know exactly what you are trying to do and why.

Step 2: Know Your Audience

A little extra effort can take you an extra mile, especially when you perform a bit of research on your target audience before you start blog writing.

Ask yourself a few questions like,

  • What does your audience do in their free time?
  • Why do they buy your products?
  • What kinds of content do they like reading?

Perform surveys and interviews to understand the answers to these questions. This can ensure that your blog site contains a lot more than just social shares.

Step 3: Look at what your competitors do

This is yet another essential point to look after when it comes to ensuring that you are on the right track. Take some of your competitors who are doing quite well. Take a look at their blog posts and copywriting. Are you doing something similar? If you think that you want to be unique, that's okay. But it is best that you get an idea of what your competitors are doing right (even wrong) and draw inspiration from that.

Step 4: Take them from point A to B

Say you have a blog with quite a few posts, you are definitely getting views but not much revenue. What do you do? Have you considered keywords? What kind of keywords does your audience look for? Have you included that in your blog posts?

You can include SEO copywriting with essential keywords to get more people to view your blog. For example, if you have a fashion blog, then you need to have some essential keywords like the latest fashion trends, designer wear, and other related keywords. If you don’t then try adding some or creating more content around these topics.

Apart from this, you can also take a look at some of your blog posts that have already performed well. Check if there are some keywords that are leading to more hits.

Step 5: Prepare a Calendar

The best way to keep constant engagement on your blog is to keep posting new content every now and then. Make sure your blog posts have a bit of both creative writing and information and post it on time at set schedules.

Your online brand presence needs constant nurturing, and the only way to do this is by regular and scheduled updates.


Running a successful blog depends on a lot of factors, starting from what you sell to what your customers like to read. It takes extensive research and sometimes even hit and trial to get your blog up and running smoothly.

Content marketing will not bear fruits instantly, but with time, you’ll be able to make your blog better. Get these few things right and then look at how your audience responds.

How are you faring on your content marketing strategy?

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