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5 Free Blogging Sites To Jumpstart Your Business

Everybody you know and every article you have read so far has told you the benefits and importance of blogging, and you have finally decided to take the leap.

But, how do you begin?

Before anything else, you need to first find a blogging platform that can be used to push out blogs for your audience. And naturally, with so many options out there it is not going to be an easy task. Hence, we always suggest businesses, professional writers, and even bloggers to start with a free blogging platform and move up from there.

Here is a list of five blogging sites, completely free to get you started:

1. Medium - No need for your own-site & access to a built-in audience for your online content!

If you want to focus on reaching a larger audience with your creative writing, Medium is a great free blog site to use. All you need to begin here is to sign up and start writing!

The site covers a plethora of diverse topics, you are sure to find your niche and an audience for it on here. Medium’s biggest pull is its wide audience, with over 60 million monthly visitors, so you can be assured that reach will not be a problem.

However, the downside of Medium is that all your content is on Medium, and you have no space of your own, like you would with your own blog site.

2. - Create a long term website with your own blog!

If you want a blog that is entirely owned by you and completely customizable, WordPress is your go-to platform.

One of the most popular blogging sites, is a free platform that you have the liberty to build yourself. Research will find you plenty of free hosting for your site, but our suggestion is to invest in standard hosting that charges a moderate amount but offers multiple benefits, like Bluehost.

Now that you host your own WordPress, you can control everything on your site - from how it functions to what it looks like and how you make money off of it! Of course, the only downside is that because it is so customisable, it requires a little more time and effort to maintain.

3.  Wix - For your non-tech self with a technically sound website and blog!

If you are looking for your own site, without the hassle of back-end operations, Wix is one of the most popular choices in the market.  It is a free website builder that can be completely created and maintained from the front-end. Wix’s biggest benefit is how simple it is to use.

When you sign up, you can either take a questionnaire and let Wix AI create a site for you, or you can create a blog yourself. If you are opting for the latter, Wix has a wide range of templates to choose from and makes the process of setting up your blog simple, efficient and actually fun!

Its drag-and-drop option is its most popular feature, and you can choose from several collections of layouts to get started. You can also add multiple elements to your blog site including widgets, video boxes, menus, etc. When you are happy with how your site looks, just click Publish and you are ready to start publishing your content! You can always come back to edit your content blocks later.

An added bonus: Wix has free hosting included!

4.  Weebly - Creating a blog or website for non-techies (Just like Wix)!

Similar to Wix, Weebly is another free website builder that is easily customisable. You can use it for blog posts or even to showcase your portfolio or to sell your products. So, it is great for businesses that are just starting out in the digital space.

It also has the drag-and-drop feature and provides templates that can be customised with ad spaces, media boxes, forms, icons and sidebars. Weebly’s added advantage is that the site comes with built-in analytics and you can even have your own domain, for which you have to pay.

The free plan provides you with five custom pages, a Weebly subdomain and 500MB storage.

5. Jimdo - Easy front-end content management for your website and blog alike!

If you want none of the back-end operations and an easily manageable blog, Jimdo is the platform for you.

A great platform for blogging, your website is automatically created based on your picks from a questionnaire. On its free plan, you cannot have your own domain name and you cannot remove ads.

However, Jimdo is popular because it is a page builder. This means, you can edit your content right on the front-end, by editing the content boxes on your live page. The templates on Jimdo are simple with a few content elements like photo gallery, text boxes and buttons.


Creating a blog for your business is essential, and takes effort and time to maintain. While the most important part of blogging is the quality of  your content and blog writing, it all begins with finding the right platform that is a fit for you.

With so many options in the market, business blogging has become even easier and you can get started and create a blog right now with a click of a button!

What blogging site are you using for your business? Need any help creating blog content? Get in touch with us here!

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