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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Blog Content Writing

If your business is online, you need to be blogging. It’s as simple as that!

Several businesses overlook the importance of blogging but having quality, regular content on your site is essential for your (potential) customers. Blog posts bring in more traffic from search engines leading to a surge in sales, ad revenue and brand recognition.

Businesses that take on blogging in-house, often end up seeing no results because of lousy content, a lack of experience or poor SEO copywriting practices and then deprioritize blogging altogether. This should never be the case, and the solution is simple – you can outsource your blogs.

Hiring professional, experienced copywriters to create content allows you to amplify your brand voice, maintain quality and consistency and help you reach your desired audience while saving you time and effort.

If you are still considering the benefits of outsourcing your content writing needs, this list might help you make a decision:

1. Copywriting is not for everyone

While business may be your strong suit, creative writing may be a skill less honed. Creating content for your business blog site is a mammoth task, and one that requires a very specific skill set. Outsourcing content writing to professional writers ensures your blog site maintains a consistent tone, accurate grammar and overall quality while also effectively communicating your message in a way that appeals to your audience.

2. SEO content requires experience

When it comes to writing content online, SEO keywords are to copy what blogs are to your website - essential. Keywords ensure your site appears in relevant web searches, so having the right combinations and number of keywords in your content is critical.

While guides to SEO copywriting are plenty and easily available, it takes effort and experience to get it right. So, even if you can write creatively, your content might be lost or irrelevant without the required keywords. Outsourcing your content to SEO copywriters who are trained and experienced saves you effort and time and multiplies your return.

3. Newsjacking needs professional bloggers

There is a big news story that is changing your industry, but you have either found out too late or do not have time to blog about it.

Banking on the popularity of a break-out story is great for driving traffic to your website, but it requires two things - one, for you to spot the story in time and two, for you to write a compelling piece on it shortly after.

Professional content writers develop a knack for story-spotting and are able to push out valuable content quickly. With their skill sets and experience, they become your best bet for getting new visitors to your site and making sure you are on top of industry trends.

4. Blogging requires time and effort

In business, effort is an investment and time is money. When it comes to maintaining a successful blog site, you require both. Writing copy within an hour that barely scratches the surface of a topic or is just a hurried summary of details is not enough, and your readers are quick to pick up on poor content.

Professional copywriters are able to give you content that is polished,  shows required depth and is SEO friendly within tight timelines therefore pushing your business upwards and giving your target audience content with value.

5. Your blog’s engagement is low

If you are not seeing enough traffic on your blog site, you could be doing a number of things incorrectly. Your content might be lousy or boring, your targeting may have missed the mark or your blog copy is not SEO friendly.

When you outsource content creation to professional bloggers and copywriters, they use their experience to help you develop your own unique content strategy. As insiders of the blogging space, they know what kind of content works, how to retain your audience and what you should avoid. This helps you cover all your bases and ensures better engagement for your site.


Blogging is no longer optional, it is critical to your business!

If you want to reap the countless benefits blogs can bring to your business, you also need to invest in your content. One of the best ways to do that is to outsource your blog writing to professional content writers who know the nuances of blogging and SEO practices and can make your online business more successful.

Have you faced any other challenges while running a business blog? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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