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5 SEO Elements That Are Still Important For Successful Content Marketing

Till a few years ago, SEO was all about using high-volume keywords, increasing number of internal and external links on blog pages, and improving on-site optimisation for increased traffic on a website.

Is this enough today? Definitely not!

Today, quality and long-form content rules the internet world. Not to rule out the factors mentioned above along with many other techniques that hold true for search engine optimisation even today; website content quality and quantity have positively outranked the rest!

Let’s take a look at these five SEO elements that focus on how content amplification is changing the SEO world.

1. SEO is an integrated approach (don’t segment it)

Can you make SEO work without a good content strategy? Will you be willing to work on a content marketing strategy with no mention of SEO anywhere?

SEO, content strategy and social media go hand in hand. From website content creation to content distribution on different social media platforms and websites, SEO plays a major role in attracting desired traffic to your web page. All the three elements above become part of a larger strategy, working towards pushing leads through different stages of the conversion funnel.

Wherever the traffic is flowing from whether it is search engines or social media or a third website, the objective is to stream the traffic to the next stage with a landing page, blog, newsletter subscription or an ebook.  

2. Create website content through relationship building

Once you have made sure that your online content is technically sound, don’t sit there, unpack and relax. Your job does not end with pushing SEO content and looking after other SEO aspects on your website. Instead, it is one of the steps you must take to optimise your website.

Many marketers have shifted their focus to relationship-building strategies, such as, influencer outreach, reaching out to bloggers, and collaborating with brand advocates to give themselves a strong voice.

What is your link building strategy? Submitting your site on online directories and asking other relevant websites to link back to you?

How is that working out for you? Not very well, is it?

Link building is a bit more critical than that. Instead of having numerous futile backlinks to your website, focus on relationship-based strategy. You can do that by participating in an ‘expert roundup post’ on a well placed website on search engines or reaching out to bloggers to guest blog on high-quality websites.

3. On-page optimisation is important for SEO friendly content

Optimising your on-page content using a mix of Head, Mid Tail , and Long Tail keywords is crucial for your website’s SEO. Focus on content that elucidates a topic and does not seem like a handful of keywords bunched together in disarray.

Along with the page content, try and use your main keywords in the following:

  • Meta tags and meta description
  • HTML tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Image tags and alt text
  • Page URL

4. Work on a mobile-first content strategy

According to a 2017 study, 57% of mobile users do not approve of a website that is unresponsive and poorly designed on the device. That is enough proof of how important it is for businesses today to have a well built and functioning website for their mobile users. That being said, having a mobile responsive website alone is not enough. Instead, your entire website and content should be optimised for mobile.


Google has placed a lot of importance on the quality and quantity of content over the past decade. Where long form content is likely to work better for your website SEO and improve your rankings in the search results, short form content is a promising fit for mobile users.

Look at SEO as an integrated approach and marry it well with your content and marketing strategy. Focus on relationship-building and work on your inbound link strategy. Remember that quality always supersedes quantity!

What are your biggest challenges while creating SEO content for your website?

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