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5 Simple Steps To Strategize Your SEO Content And Write A Compelling Copy

Are you looking for guidance on how to write SEO content?

SEO copywriting is an important element of online content writing service and makes a significant part of any SEO strategy. Every online business aims to create content that does not fumble with every algorithm update and is equally appreciated by their readers.

Essentially, these are your goals while creating SEO optimized content:

  • Provide value added  information to the readers
  • Improve search engines rankings
  • Attract more traffic to the website
  • Increase leads and conversions

Here is a list of five simple steps you can follow to efficiently strategize your SEO content and create compelling website content for your business.

1. Decide who is your SEO writing targeted at

Did you notice how we have listed ‘providing value added information to the readers’ as the very first goal towards creating SEO content? That is how important it is for you to write content that is directed towards your target audience and adds value to them. And to be able to do that, you need to first learn about your prospects and the people who can add to your final goals. Those are the people who are going to make your larger audience.

So, before you start writing or even before focussing on what topic you can write on, figure out who your target audience is. There are several ways to do that, however, one of the most effective ways is Google Analytics. Visit your analytics profile, and look for Demographics and Interest under Audience.

Once you have gathered all the necessary insights on your target audience move to the next step!

2. Choose a topic for your content writing

Now that you know ‘who’ you are going to write for, it’s time to decide ‘what’ you are going to write about.

This is the stage where knowing how to do an efficient keyword research pays off. Keywords can help you understand your audience’s search patterns - which words they use, how they frame their sentences and what are they looking for. Prepare a list of top performing keywords in your field and use Buzzsumo to find trending topics using your targeted keywords.

3. Determine if you want to write informational or transactional content

Understanding user intent is an important part of creating SEO friendly content. Let’s first understand the difference between informational and transactional content:

  • Informational content writing is usually directed towards broader keywords, such as ‘how to find content marketing agencies online’ and aims at providing users with more information on the subject matter
  • Transactional content, as the name suggests focuses on an intent to make a purchase online, for example, ‘where to hire freelance content writers online’

Whether it is informational or transactional content, you need to decide that based on your final goals and what percentage of your audience is looking for informational and transactional content, separately .

If your goal is to have an email subscribers list and encourage your users to share their details on your website, you can use informational content writing to attract them to your web page. And if you want to make more sales, bring that out in your content writing by using plenty of examples, images and linking  it to the relevant pages on your website, increasing your chances of conversion.

4. Find a unique angle for your article

Whatever you are going to write about, chances are it has already been covered at different levels by multiple websites. Now, it cannot be true for all the topics you come up with but we are focussing on the majority here.

So, considering you choose a topic that has already been covered by your competitors you need to add a unique value to your copywriting. Analyze the content from different websites and understand what they are lacking. Is there something you can add from your side. That is what’s going to make a difference and make you stand out.

5. Write SEO friendly content

Above all, keep SEO in mind at all times. Once you have figured out who your target audience is, found a trending topic to write on for them, narrowed down the content to user intent and discovered a unique angle for the content, now is the time you strategize which SEO techniques you are going to use in the content.

Pre-plan how many internal and external links you will use in the article, what will be your anchor texts, are you linking it to your cornerstone article and so on. Don’t over do it.


Creating SEO content for a website is no rocket science. If you follow a path and strategize your approach well in advance, you are good to go.

Figuring out your target audience is key to creating an effective content copy.Once you have your target audience set, everything else follows along with keyword research, article topic, and a unique angle to the story. Bind it all together with effective but honest SEO techniques!

However, for any lack of time or expertise you can also hire a freelance content writer who is specialized in your field or let a content writing agency to take care of your needs.

What is your approach to creating compelling content for your audience?

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