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8 Ways To Promote Your Next Blog Post

So you have started a blog and are putting out quality content, but you are not seeing as much traffic or engagement as you had expected. Several businesses face unexpected challenges while maintaining their blog site such as scheduling issues, minimal recognition and inconsistent traffic.

While seasoned bloggers and established brands swear by SEO copywriting and best practices, they also commonly agree that investing just as much time in promoting your blog as you in creative writing, is essential. Which is to say, the more efficiently you promote your blog, the more leads you can build for your business.

So if you are looking for higher traffic, more page views or more recognition for your blog, here are a few tips that are sure to help:

1. Email Marketing

One of the top sources of traffic for brands and bloggers alike is email.

Email is a highly personal medium and one that most people invest attention and time in. So how do you make the most of email?

  • First, create an email list of consumers that have shown interest in your business and potential consumers to directly reach your target audience on a platform they are familiar with. You can use Email Service Providers that are both free and paid to begin growing your list and bringing in more traffic to your blog.
  • Second, make sure your emails are appealing to your audience. While visual emails have more click-through-rates once opened, plain text emails are more likely to be opened and read - which is key when first growing your blog.
  • Third, send your email list a round-up of your latest posts through a newsletter. This acts as a reminder, plus gives your reader the option to choose which article he or she is most interested in reading. This is also an effective way to build a routine with your reader, where they start looking forward to your monthly newsletters.

2. Social Media

The best thing that can happen to content is redistribution - and that starts with you. Sharing and re-sharing your content on different platforms ensures more people see it, and in turn means more traffic to your blog site.

While most people know social media promotions do wonders for their business, social media marketing is not magic. You need to develop a clear strategy and optimise your content according to what platforms your consumers use, and where they would most likely be willing to interact with you.

3. Tweets

With shorter attention spans, sites like Twitter are perfect to capture the attention of your audience in a few words. Three ways you could use Twitter to promote your blog:

  • Share excerpts from your blog post with relevant and trending hashtags.
  • Pin your latest or most successful blog tweet to the top of your profile for more retweets and lead your followers straight to your blog without them having to skim through your whole profile.
  • Promote your most engaging tweets to reach bigger audiences and lead them back to your blog site. Twitter analytics makes it easy for you to find which of your tweets are the most engaging and helps you understand what kind of content works well with your audience.

4. Facebook groups

With millions of Facebook groups active daily, it is no surprise that several businesses have capitalised on the same to promote their blogs. The key with Facebook groups is to find those that are in your niche, have a sizeable membership and are active daily.

Why it works? Facebook users join groups exclusively for that kind of information and are more likely to notice and appreciate your content there. Another way to use Facebook groups is to create your own! This helps you build a community of readers that are solely interested in your content and will keep visiting your blog for more.

5. Market on LinkedIn

A great way to grow your blog traffic is by publishing on LinkedIn. Most LinkedIn users are active during the week, so the best time to promote your blog posts is then, with at least one a day.

Another tip for promoting your blog post on Linkedin are“groups”. It is not enough to share your content with your connections alone, you also need to share your best articles on LinkedIn groups that are specifically created for the niche you are in. However, share the articles that help readers with their skills or information they can use since that is what they are looking for on the platform. Groups are a great way to start discussions, get feedback and drive traffic to your blog site.

6. Be a part of the discussion

Sites like Quora and Reddit are great ways to participate in discussions around your industry or services your business offers. It allows you to directly interact with your target audience as well as learn trends and position yourself as an expert on topics.

A key tip is to avoid ‘hard-selling’ and engaging in a marketing driven talk as discussions on these platforms are almost entirely organically driven. This means, instead of plugging in your blog directly, segway into the discussions around the topics you have written about with excerpts or quotes from your content and leave a link to your blog or website at the bottom.

7. Partner for guest posts

Partnerships are a great way to promote your blog posts. Finding experts and influencers to write posts for your blogs helps you expand your audience. Another way to do this is by partnering with other organizations in your industry and writing on their platforms.

8. Re-purpose content

To make sure you are optimizing your blog content, you should re-purpose it to share on different platforms. For instance, converting your content into presentation slides for sites like Slideshare, creating vlogs for YouTube and interesting visual infographics for Pinterest makes your blog content more appealing to different audiences and can help spike traffic.


Promoting your blog site and boosting traffic is no easy task, but there are several ways to get your content out there. Investing in the right platforms requires time and effort but the benefits are multifold.

With inventive content writing and the right amount of strategic marketing, your blog could be a top source for leads in your business.

If you would like more tips or have any you would like to share, drop a comment below and let us know!

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