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Beauty And The Blogs - Why It Matters And How You Can Make It More Attractive

A blog with just words and no design is like a protein shake –powerful but bland.


It’s true. Consider this. You have loads to share with potential readers, your creative writing is fantastic, and you've got your grammar skills down pat- but without the frills of a well-designed blog you can’t bring in the readers you hope to keep with your content writing.

It’s like convincing yourself to drink a protein shake- you know it has nutrients and all the good stuff, but the look of it just isn’t enticing enough. While informative SEO copywriting is important, the larger design of the blog post that you set your copy against is just as crucial. Humans have an average attention span is lesser than a goldfish, so you need visually appealing blog writing that reels readers in- hook, line and sinker.

Here’s why:

1. Well-designed blog sites increase reader engagement

So you know how to write a blog. Copywriters put out a well-developed copy, and good design keeps readers on the page for longer. It also ropes in casual readers- this increases average on-screen time and shares to people who might find your products or services to their liking.

2. Makes your brand look trustworthy

Dr Brent Coker, who studied the influence of beautiful websites on human behaviour, said attractive websites increase feelings of trustworthiness in potential customers.

The design isn't just about looks though- it's about the experience too, across any device. Majority of consumers want website design to make it easier for them to find what they want, while only 10% want to see a beautiful blog site.

3. Like SEO copywriting, design increases search rankings

High search rankings are a content writer's best friend, and web design can make or break this friendship. The research found that blog sites that are higher in search rankings usually have one, or all, of these three components- speedy loading time, quick and simple navigation and extremely good user interface.    

Another element that sends SEO skyrocketing is backlinks, which are links, to your blog or website, from another blogger or website. Bad blog design puts people off your page and back onto the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and this "pogo-sticking” behaviour tells the search engine your blog isn’t attractive enough to merit higher search rankings.

What can be done instead?

Placing your content above the fold, keeping the layout simple and using infographics that are easy to share will increase the chance of backlinks.

5. Colours and fonts influence reader engagement

Human psyche is heavily influenced by colour palettes- in fact people make a subconscious decision about their environment within 90 seconds of their first glance.

Different colours invoke different emotions in people- for example; blue creates trust and security while red invokes urgency. Understanding the colour-emotion dynamic is the first step towards subliminally influencing buying decisions. Fonts are equally powerful- they project your corporate and visual identity, and the wrong font could give off the wrong vibe, which you wouldn’t want.


There are some elements you can avoid to increase the beauty of your blog design instantly- pop-ups, unclear text and automatic music players that simply can't be shut down are absolute no-nos.

What you could do is keep your blog design clean and accessible, stick to a consistent colour and font palette, make loading time speedier and make the user experience worth your reader’s time. Content is king, but blog design is just as important.

What design strategies are you practising on your blog? Have they worked?

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