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Here’s How You Can Use Ebooks In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Great content is the key to a successful and profitable business in the digital era.

Of course, content can be created in a variety of different formats from social media posts to blogs to YouTube videos. The more relevant and researched your content, the more your reader trusts you, and the more likely they are to transition to loyal customers.

Long-form content is a great way to build credibility, and Ebooks are one of the most compelling long-form content today.  

Consumers online perceive Ebooks as real, tangible, or in this case - downloadable content of value and helps establish your brand as a credible and trustworthy thought leader. Yes, Ebooks require a considerable amount of time and effort, but they also give you plenty of content to promote.

Here’s how creating an Ebook can help you boost your content strategy:

1. Use your Ebook to build a subscriber email list

Email lists are an effective way to reach your audience, but growing these lists can be a challenge. Email marketing still remains the marketing medium with a large ROI and you should never miss an opportunity to capitalize.

When you publish your Ebook, make sure to ask people to sign up to your subscription list before they proceed. People looking for in-depth content, are more likely to offer their contact information in exchange for your Ebook. This means getting more leads that are actually interested in the niche you occupy.

2. Strengthen your brand with the help of an Ebook

In the age of fake news, brands find it harder than ever to gain their consumers' trust. People have become more conscious of who they buy from and statistics show that nearly 60% of people now buy from brands that they believe are authentic and credible.

With an Ebook, you can effectively imply you know what you are doing. It also shows your customers that you are investing in a subject that they care about, in an engaging way.

The best way to package complex information is to communicate with effective and appealing writing. You can also play with the kind of Ebook formats you want to use.  Here is where hiring an Ebook writer, professional content writers or even outsourcing it to a content writing agency can do wonders for your brand.

Another great way you could use your Ebook to establish your brand is to pepper the content with examples from your own business. This allows your readers to relate with you and get to know your brand better.

3. Your Ebook gives you more content

When you create an Ebook, the research and content you collate and produce is invaluable. Take the best chapters in your book to repurpose into fun infographics, blog posts, SEO content and videos. You can also take quotes from the book to create ‘Tweetables’, easily shareable bite-sized excerpts to build interest with your audience online.

Using your book for content doubles your ROI and helps you cross promote your Ebook across platforms.


Ebooks are an amazingly effective addition to any content marketing strategy. Unsung heroes, Ebooks do what all content should - offer insights, answer questions and solve problems. They help you build a relationship with your audience and an effectively written one helps bring in more leads for your business.

Have you written an Ebook for your business yet?

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