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How Do SEO & Content Marketing Fit Together?

Everybody that has been in the world of online marketing is aware of the terms “SEO” and “Content Marketing”. They’re used frequently and often in the same context by people while referring to similar strategies. If you’re new to online marketing, this can be a bit confusing as even the experienced have trouble drawing a line between SEO and Content marketing. Any seasoned online marketer will tell you that to make the most out of every dimension of your online marketing; you need to understand where each begins and ends.

SEO content writing is a dynamic market as search engines evolve and modify their algorithms to rank websites. Since the factors that determine a website’s rank change often, it becomes ever more challenging to position sites. SEO writing is no longer about qualitatively inferior content spiked with keywords that grab the search engine crawlers. The best approach to SEO now comes in the form of content marketing.

The changing trends have brought with it some confusion over SEO and content marketing. The uncertainty lies in the compatibility between the two. Is it possible to fit them together or are they conflicting?  Some speculate that content marketing will overtake SEO entirely. That claim is unfounded considering how seamlessly the two of them go together, with such great results.

At its core, SEO is a concise technical discipline, while content marketing is a comprehensive approach which includes broader content. To be successful in both SEO and content marketing, it's imperative to understand that two overlap quite a lot. Optimal content writing involves an amalgamation of the technical inputs from SEO and your content marketing campaign. This translates into success in both areas bringing websites to a higher rank, funnelling more traffic and increased engagement and conversion rates.

Here is how SEO optimisation and content marketing go with each other

While the bots need keywords to search, users need informative content. Therefore SEO is strategised around content marketing as all sites need substance in the forms of articles, keywords and content in general. This way, both goals can be met.

Blending SEO keywords with quality content

Keywords are the fundamental component of SEO content. Much time is spent on it by SEO experts who research utilising it. Mere stuffing of keywords isn't enough, if anything, it's unwise as search engines are aware of these tactics and penalise websites that do so. Content marketing is how you can introduce keywords strategically into the content that is aimed at engaging readers.

SEO copywriting depends on content from content marketing

SEO is grounded in content; it thrives on verbiage, articles and keywords. Content marketing supplies precisely that along with meaningful content that keep the site visitors engaged.

Link building is essential as a powerful SEO strategy. The more the number of sites that backlink to your website, the better you rank. You’d get a bigger boost when a high-authority website links to your site. The best way to get backlinks is to publish stellar content that readers find valuable. A search engine such as Google would highly rank such fresh, high-quality content straight out of your content marketing campaign.


SEO and content marketing overlap on a number of their features. The two are complementary in nature, in fact; it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they both need each other.

You can put together a comprehensive online marketing strategy only when your SEO and Content marketing work in conjunction. A healthy balance of the two is needed to attract visitors and converting them once they’re on your site.

Does your company have optimised blogs that balance both? Let us know.

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