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Is Your Buyer’s Guide Answering The Right Questions? Learn What Your Customers Are Looking For With These Simple Tips

A buyer’s guide is a document which contains all the information about a product or service that a customer needs to know before he/she purchases it. The objective behind creating a buyer’s guide is to make the process of buying your product or service easy for them while answering all the questions that they might have about it. A buyer’s guide can be posted online in any format whether you provide it on a blog or offer it for download on your website.

The customers who opt to use a buying guide to help with their purchase usually aren’t the ones who casually browse products online with no real desire to purchase them. They are, instead, the ones who have a specific requirement and are serious about fulfilling that requirement by purchasing something from you. For example, a person who needs a new lawnmower knows what he/she needs and will want the best lawnmower they can get at a good price. This person would want a quality product that will last them for years without worrying too much about how much it will cost them. These customers do their research differently from casual browsers and they look to buy the best product to fulfill their need, even if it means that they might have to spend a little bit extra. These customers look to buyer’s guides in this situation since it helps them choose the right product and answers any questions that they might have about it in the very same document.

Types of buyer’s guide

Begin by figuring out what kind of buying guide you need to write. A buyer’s guide can be of the following types:

  • First-time purchase guide, which is for buyers who have never bought the product or service before.
  • Aftercare guide for buyers who need information about maintaining their product after purchase.
  • Comparison guide for those who wish to compare similar products or services in your inventory.
  • A guide containing details about additional products and upgrades that the buyer could purchase.
  • Pro user guide for buyers who need highly specific and detailed information about the products that they want to buy.

How to write a buyer’s guide

  • When writing the buyer’s guide, keep in mind any problems that a prospective customer might be facing. Then put yourself in their shoes and figure what questions about the product or service the buyer will need to be answered in the buyer’s guide. These questions may include ones like why someone would want this product, the situations in which this product is useful, the cost of the product, and the problems faced by the buyer that this product will resolve.
  • Elaborate on the advantages that this product or service has for the customer over other comparable ones.
  • Include a lot of images and infographics related to each product so that the reader can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Make sure to drop a link to buy the product in the buyer’s guide.


A buyer’s guide can help your customer choose a product or service from you that is right for them and at the same time boost your brand image and even help you get more customers through recommendations from a grateful customer. So make sure that you answer every question that a customer might have in your buyer’s guide.

Do you have any more tips to add to this list?

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