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Looking To Boost Your Blog Game? Here Are Top 8 Blogs People Cannot Stop Talking About

The importance of staying updated with the latest trends cannot be overstated when you work in the content marketing field.

While you can depend on your peers, on social media or Google to stay updated,  gauging the most successful and popular content marketing blogs is undoubtedly one of the easiest and effective options available. These blogs have a dedicated and highly experienced team behind them who chronicle all the best ways that you can use to expand your reach and grow your brand using your blog.

Let us look at a few blogs who have established themselves as the global leaders when it comes to content marketing and understands what sets each of them apart.

1. Hubspot Blog

While most of you might be aware of Hubspot as a sales management and inbound marketing tool, they also have a brilliant blog which covers a wide variety of topic under marketing, sales and service.

Here, you can find a multitude of articles about various strategies you can employ and tips and tricks you can use to improve your blogging game. All the blogs are concise, accurate and delve into a lot of detail against each topic. But at the same time, the data is presented in such a manner that you don’t need to spend plenty of time vetting the content and absorbing the information contained in each article. Interestingly, each blog has an estimated read time that an average person would require for the entire blog right at the beginning. What a great way to encourage someone to read, isn't it?

2. Buffer Blog

Buffer is more commonly known for its excellent social media management platform.

Their program lets users manage all of their social media accounts in one place as well as schedule posts on Instagram. But, they also have an equally excellent social blog on the side. In the blog, all of the content has been categorised under a variety of sections, such as - content marketing, social media marketing, advertising, the science of social media, Instagram, and so on. Their blogs are generally highly informative in nature and cover each topic in-depth. If you are planning an Instagram campaign for your brand, this blog can definitely give you a head-start with plenty of key insights that you would normally overlook.  

The blog also provides an optional newsletter subscription to its readers – which can prove to be very effective for the busy bees who struggle to keep abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Your readers will not only enjoy a constant content flow but also appreciate your efforts and industry knowledge.  

3. Search Engine Journal

While Search Engine Journal is primarily focused on information about Search Engine Optimisation, it does have a dedicated content marketing section too. When you click on the content marketing link in the menu, you can find a beautifully arranged blog filled to the brim with highly interesting and revealing blog posts surrounding content marketing. Each blog is further subcategorised under SEO, digital marketing and so on.

Right below each blog, you can find the name of the author, the date of publishing and the number of reads each one has gotten. This can interest the readers in two ways:

  • Name of the author and date of publishing can help them easily filter out the most relevant and latest blog in their niche
  • And the number of reads on the blog gives them a fair idea about the popularity of a particular topic, industry and the blog itself. (Bonus point: This will also help you understand which blogs are working  well and how this affects an average reader’s psyche)

It also includes a free weekly newsletter from Search Engine Journal’s founder Loren Baker packed with latest industry news.

4. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) blog is perhaps the most comprehensive and expansive collection of articles on content marketing that you can find on the internet.

Their main objective is to keep pushing on the boundaries of content marketing and introduce new trends to advance the field, and this clearly shows in the content that they publish. You can find the A to Z of content marketing on this blog. They give you step-by-step instructions on how to put together an effective content marketing strategy and also gives you a comparative analysis into what other popular brands have done and how it affected their content marketing.

Here, you are guaranteed to find blogs that explain the basics like how to set up your blog, all the way to complex and advanced SEO techniques to widen your reach. And, what ‘s better than a blog which focuses on solving a problem?

CMI also conduct regular surveys of both B2B and B2C marketers and subsequently release annual reports based on these surveys. This is indeed a great way to ensure optimum engagement with your readers and make them feel like their opinions matter.

5. Neil Patel Blog

After taking over Kissmetrics blog in 2017, Neil Patel rebranded and rejuvenated the blog into its current form and has definitely come a long way.  Today, Neil Patel Blog is considered one of the finest blogs you can find on the internet, and not just for content marketing but “everything”, as mentioned on the website.

The list expands to conversion rate optimisation, e-commerce, email marketing, entrepreneurship, marketing, online marketing, paid ads, SEO and social media.

The blog presents a balanced mix of videos and articles, all aiming at solving big/small problems at hand. The content is not only original, well-researched and stuffed with the best of examples, but also prioritises the readers first before any of the search engines.

6. Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is one of the most popular blogs covering SEO and content marketing related topics.

It has a plethora of content that can provide you with a lot of tricks and tips on a multitude of topics. The topics range from how to build your blog to advice on Search Engine Optimisation and increasing your blog’s reach organically. A particularly popular weekly column - “Whiteboard Friday” gathers ample attention with a series of educational videos revolving around various topics that fall under Search Engine Optimisation and are released every Friday.

All the blog posts under SEO are neatly categorised under specific sub-topics such as Advanced SEO, Basic SEO, Local SEO, On-Page SEO and so on. Hence, it becomes easy for readers to find what they need despite a clear understanding of what it could be.

7. Growth Hackers Blog

This very popular blog, as the name suggests is mainly geared towards advising its readers on how to create sustainable growth when it comes to traditional as well as online marketing.

The blog highlights innovative and low-cost methods that are guaranteed to deliver positive results. If you are just getting started on your blogging journey or managing a startup/ small business venture and can only accommodate very little funds for marketing working with very limited resources, you can refer to this tool.

8. Digiday

Digiday explores digital marketing from all angles.

Unlike most other content marketing blogs, it poses intriguing questions while providing unique and bold insights that normally aren’t noticed. What is unique about Digiday is that they tend to pick up subjects that no one is paying attention to and expand upon it in every one of their blogs. Even when it comes to content marketing news, they are often the first ones to report on interesting developments that creep up unnoticed by most people in the content marketing field.

They also have a member only section which gives you access to all of their blogs.


When it comes to content marketing, choosing the right strategy can either make or break your website or blog. Hence, it is important that you have the right information and guidance every step of the way.

The eight blogs mentioned above provide you with just that and more. They reflect on all the potential problems with solutions you might face while promoting your website or product, and help you attain the best results possible.

Take your time, read up and implement the strategies into your own website or blog to best suit your business objective.

Have any favourites? Share your pick with us and tell us why you like them.

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