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Stuck In The Blog Maze? Here Are 5 More Blogging Ideas For You!

Many online brands to this date, no matter how long they have been in business, struggle to create content consistently. While reasons are plenty, lack of ideas always shows up on top.

Purposeful blogging not only helps improve consumer engagement, but also increase website traffic, revenue growth and ROIs. So, where is the challenge, you ask?

Creating unique quality content for more traffic while keeping your existing audience interested, and meeting your overall business goals is no easy task. The internet suffers from an overabundance of content, and so does your audience. What they want is not just content, but ‘meaningful’ pieces of information that can add value to them.

We have discussed different ideas, topics, and approaches earlier that are frequently practiced by businesses online. Here is a list of five more content ideas that you can include in your content marketing strategy today!  

1. Complete Guide posts

It is important to understand that your target audience is a mix of people who bear knowledge at beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Based on which, your content strategy should also include a variety of content types that cater to all of them at different levels.

‘Ultimate Guide’ posts are great for consumers with intermediate as well as expert levels of knowledge. They look for insightful blog posts that cover every aspect of the topic, and these posts are a great opportunity for you to bring in organic search traffic.

When writing a ‘complete guide to ____’ post, remember to always back up your arguments with statistics. It is important that the opinions you offer come from thorough research and the sources you site are of recognised expertise and authority. This tells your readers that your content is well researched, trustworthy and that they can rely on you for similar content in the future.

2. Bust some myths

No matter the niche, every industry comes with its fair share of facts and fiction. Readers appreciate posts that dispel common misconceptions and provide alternatives because that information is genuinely useful to them.

When writing a myth-debunking blog post, it is important to complement your content with plenty of data so that your consumer grows confidence in you and trust you better over your competitors.

3. Use your customers’ reviews

Reviews make the blogging world go around, and customer reviews could skyrocket your business’ credibility. If you have customer reviews that work in your favour, use them to talk about your product or service, its benefits, the problem the consumer was facing and how the product solved it.

Using screenshots from your customer’s comments (with their permission) makes your blog post trustworthy and can do wonders to generate leads.

4. Create a series

Often we find topics that are so in-depth, with so much to offer that even long form content do not do it justice. Topics like those are blogging blessings! Use them as an opportunity to create a series of posts that become a regular content source for you. Break up the topic across several posts, and end each one on a cliffhanger so your audience has something to look forward to in the next post.

Another interesting way to create series is weekly features on your blog. For instance, if you were to do ‘What’s Happening Wednesdays’  where you write about the trends and newest developments in your industry every Wednesday, your reader starts expecting content from you every week and comes back for more.

5. Write listicles

An extremely popular blogging format, listicles definitely appeal to the readers who prefer skimming through the content.  Listicles not only help the readers quickly understand what to expect, but also give them information in a straightforward, organized manner - so they can scroll through the article and find which point is most relevant to them, rather than searching for that information between paragraphs.

You can create listicles in all kinds of ways, whether you are offering top 10 tips, 30 best ways to do something, and so on. In fact, this article is also a list! So, the possibilities are endless.


Every business wants their blog to be engaging and attract traffic, but even the best of blogs sometimes find it difficult to come up with new ideas. No matter what your niche is, there are always sources of inspiration you can draw from because there are always new developments in every field.  

Have you tried any of these ideas for your blog yet? Let us know which ones worked best for you in the comments below!

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