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The 5 Most Important Steps To Writing Market Reports

Businesses often get confused when they hear about ‘Market Research Reports’ and the role they can play in their content marketing strategy.

We bet, you do too!

In a nutshell, market research reports are quick to:

  • Understand
  • Provide valuable insights
  • Increase your credibility among your audience
  • Get hold of important data

Market reports can be a stepping stone to a great marketing strategy, but only if executed well. Emphasizing on exhaustive analytics and data in your article writing at the risk of concise and creative storytelling and clear conclusions is a recipe for disaster.

You should skip the jargon and get straight to the point in your content writing. Here are five important steps to keep in mind when writing a market research report:

1. Talk Marketing in your content writing

No one wants to hear things they can’t understand. When writing content for a market research report for marketers, focus on what they need the most from you. This means including more marketing buzzwords than research lingo.

Pull out data that is relevant to the target audience, and can help the business in:

  • Brand positioning
  • Attracting new consumers
  • Keeping existing consumers
  • Placing price points
  • Improving brand communication
  • Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction

...and so on.

2. Tell a story in your online content

The best research reports weave a story. Make your findings compelling by creating a story that takes your audience through your process. So, how do you do that?

The first step is to get organized - take your analytics and compartmentalise according to the business objectives of your research.

Next, make your data relevant. It does not do any good to you or your audience to stare at rows and rows of data and statistics. Use the data you have found to answer questions, ask some questions and lay out the next steps.

3. Make the headlines of your content copy insightful

As obvious as it is, we will still say it - headlines are the first thing people tend to notice in any piece of content. So, why not spend some extra time making it catchy and insightful for your readers!

A great way to make them more eye-catching is to work them around the highlights of your findings so that you immediately catch your reader’s attention. Throw in some numbers, statistical data, or even a quote in the mix and observe the difference in number of clicks.

4. Get creative

While statistics and data are incredibly useful they can be a little dull. The best tip for writing a market research report is to market it! Add interesting visuals, relevant videos and even some humour into your content writing to make it more appealing and keep your audience engaged. Avoid heavy chunks of text and numbers.

5. Get to the point - after all it is a market report!

While you might have tonnes of data to back up your conclusions, your audience does not necessarily want to sit through it all. Sift through your findings and mine what you think your audience needs from you the most.

You might think everything in your research is important enough to present, but always remember they are waiting for you to simply tell them what they can do with the information. Your audience or your client is looking for recommendations, answers, directions, strategy starters, etc. and that is where your writing needs to get straight to the point.


When it comes to market research reports, your client usually wants answers to their questions. Even for professional content writers, direct, no-frills creative writing can be a tough ask when writing a report. The important thing to remember as a research writer is to skip the research jargon, without losing the essence.

What do you think about market research reports? Do they make a good content choice for marketing?

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