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The Power Of Emotional Copywriting

What is more important to you while writing content for the web - pleasing Google or pleasing people?

Brands focus heavily on SEO content while writing for the web. And rightly so, ranking on the first page of Google (or any other search engine) is a big deal! But what they often fail to see is how their audience is going to respond to their technical jargon.

The art of copywriting is getting lost and most of the companies online don’t seem to deem it important anyway. For the majority out there, the objective is to look better than their competitors. In doing so, they spew off statistics, facts and figures about their products, eminently failing to connect with their consumers emotionally. And then they wonder why their conversion rates are constantly dipping!

According to Copyblogger, “copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action.”

If you still think this is all just mumbo jumbo, here are three solid reasons why emotional copywriting is an integral part of making sales!

1. Sell experiences with your content writing

Talk about any industry you like, and link it back to any service/product you provide - people like to talk about it! They want to hear from people who have used the services and how their experience has been with the product, company, customer service, and so on.

No matter how many heavy facts you provide with your product, if they are not able to place their trust in your services they will never enter your conversion funnel!

Effective copywriting involves persuasive content writing. This does not mean you overlook SEO and keyword research. Use them strategically in your copy keeping the quality and emotionality of your expression high.

2. Build long-term relationships with your content - tell them ‘why’ you did it, they will ask ‘how’

What you have on your website is one way communication with your readers. What you choose to tell them about your product/service is all that they know. In that situation, you need to assume all the questions they may have towards your product and answer them openly. Beginning with a ‘why’ is a good place to start!

No matter what your topic is, if you tell your readers straight away why they need it or why it will benefit them, you will have their complete attention. Once you have answered your ‘why’, your ‘how’ will become easy to sell!

3. Push through your sales funnel with persuasive copywriting - they bought it, you should too!

Similar to positive experiences, a large number of sales on your product/service is sometimes enough for people to make a decision in your favour. “If so many have bought it already, it must be good!”

People get immensely influenced by what others are doing in the industry. Your product credibility goes high with your sales, and consequently the trust factor among potential customers grows stronger.


Don’t make your online content all about SEO. At the end of the day, it should appeal to your readers first as they are directly contributing to your final goals and objectives. That said, don’t put down your keyword research as well. Look for a balance! SEO fundamentals are equally important for you to attract organic traffic to your website.

Be more honest in your writing and try to connect with your readers with plenty of examples and case studies on how your product/service has proved useful for others in the past.

Are you struggling to connect with your audience effectively? We can help! Get in touch with us here!

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