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The Subtle Art Of Creating Good Content

How much time should you spend working on your brand?

Experts say even a month or a quarter is too less a time-frame, as branding, today needs to be agile and ever-evolving. And why not? Digital storytelling is evolving, and bloggers have broken down the institutional rigidities, opening new paths to access creativity through blog writing.

Everyone will tell you that content lies at the heart of your brand strategy and offer several must-know mantras about how to write a blog. Marketing leaders want to create original material which is why they are enhancing their control over stories with supplemental digital content. Effective creative writing does boost your website’s credibility, and good SEO copywriting allows you to stand out among your consumers.

But with challenges in resources and control over quality, how can a content writer get ahead of the curve by creating good content consistently? Content Scoring, for example, is a methodology of assessing as well as quantifying how each content asset and campaigns perform in generating and converting leads for you.  

Here are five tips for content that is consistently good and effective for your brand strategy.

What Makes Any Piece Of Content Great?

1. Content That Shares Good Information

Why do people share content? A variety of motivations compel a diverse range of people types. From ones who like the limelight to the altruistic sharers, one reason that stands out on top is that they want content that helps them improve or enrich their life in some way or the other. Content that imparts solid information of value always catches the attention of people around you, be it your prospective customers or a young talent you want to on-board in your company.

Any company should put efforts into news, blogs, social media and catchy contests, but your most comprehensive and quality knowledge is what will be appreciated the most in the long run. If you are wondering what kind of headlines you should choose, open a poll on social media, conduct surveys to stay up to date with what your audiences need to know, and you will get the lead towards which subject matter to choose.

2. Content That Is Fresh

A reason why original content is important for SEO is that Google's search engine is designed to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible. Which essentially means that your content should say something unique that adds something to a previously existing information.  

If it is anything that draws a person to a book, a movie, a blog or even a joke, it's the story that is told well. Authentic stories narrated with emotion and the passion that is core to your brand's DNA will always resonate with audiences. Customers want to know how you were able to solve their problem when a tricky situation arose. They want to know if your health or lifestyle brand is made in the safest way possible and a software company has new vendors who need to know how to work well with their application.

The key to success is to write as well as present your content coherently and efficiently. You have to be consistent too. A combination of good keyword research and an original idea will take you ahead in the race steadily.

One brilliant example of a brand that is known for its marketing leadership is Adobe. Their blog site- publishes original content daily that is well aligned with their target audience with guest leadership content from marketing leaders and senior executives from the industry.

3. Content That Is Well Researched

Content writing always needs quality research accompanying and guiding it. Any textbook on marketing will tell you to aim for your target audience, but research shows that quality engagement trumps demographics and statistics. It is never a good idea to generalise your content and it is so very much important to be relevant, specific and current. Your target audience should have a face at the end of it when writing your content.

If you are a new company on the block, chances are, you haven’t put your CRM data to mining yet and are missing out one what ticks your customers. A well-researched content allows you to stand out as an expert, build relationships with your consumers and create an effective communication loop of customer experience enhancement. Brand blog sites should connect products and services to a larger narrative that educates your customers and makes them think about new ideas.

Companies are spending serious time over their content strategy to support multi-channel marketing. A clear understanding of your customer base helps you revise your services accordingly. Which is why every piece of customer issue you have come across, and every tactic that your competitor has used to appeal to their customer base is a rich source of inspiration for good content.

4. Content That Has Strong Headlines

Considering the variety in the length and type of your blog piece, you should always opt for great headlines (H1) and sub-headers (H2). These allow for users to quickly be able to gloss over the article before the one quirky information or intriguing question appears in a few pleasant words, making them read further. It's a great trick to master as these headers and sub-headers allow you to set expectations for your readers and can make or break the performance of your article., a home décor blog by Rukmani Ray Kadaam, grabs the attention of its readers with enticing headlines and equally attractive website design.

5. Content That Is Simple to Understand

The best kinds of blog posts are the ones that have an extraordinary take on simple ideas. Your content piece should be able to piece your argument or story together in flow and tone that not just captures and engages their attention but allows them to interact with the content. If your article is an opinion piece, your unique perspective should be easy to understand as you only get a few hundred words to get your point across with adequate evidence.


Writing content that is consistently meaningful, valuable and results driven is sure to keep up with the ever-evolving content industry. Relentless content marketers have provided with enough case studies on the web explaining the masterminds and strategies behind their success. You may very well find these on their blog posts.

These tips will not just help with how to create a blog and boost your content writing skills but will also let you evolve as a copywriter!

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