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Three Pivotal Tips To Keep In Mind While Creating An E-book For Your Brand

How does an E-book help your brand?

E-books are considered one of the key content marketing strategies for lead generation. With an Ebook library, you are offering customers free, unique and valuable resources outlined with a content marketing approach. An E-book will help establish your brand as an industry expert on a particular topic, raising the trust element at the same time. Good E-book design and promotion gives it a value in the eyes of readers and nudging them to share their email IDs and opt-in. E-books are also easy to produce and distribute.

Studies by the Content Marketing Institute prove that E-books and white papers are one of the top 5 marketing strategies used by B2B marketers – as shown in the graph below.

ebook usage.png

How to Create an E-Book? Here are three best practices that the experts recommend.

1. Make the Best Pitch for your E-book

Think of it like releasing a movie. When you make your free E-book available, you need to throw in a trailer rather than a direct opt-in request. Promote it on your website by choosing the aptest high-traffic landing page. Describe the valuable information readers will enjoy with just an email sign-up. Writing blogs on E-books is a natural way to pitch your E-book.

2. High-quality Article Writing

When you commission or write an E-book, your writing copy should be of high and consistent quality. Writing for the web requires a distinctive approach. It involves structuring data and highlighting the important points that underpin the entire content. It begins with choosing the right topics for content writing. You need to share knowledge that is in-depth and engaging, offering solutions and driving home the perspective of the brand.

With increasing standards, authoring book writing is slowly becoming a domain for the content specialists. An investment with the top writing websites will result in a professionally written E-book that encapsulates your theme and topic while presenting your brand as a market leader.

Professional writers bring a lot to the table – you can expect fresh perspectives and the precise industry-specific prose.

3. Make your E-book Visually Appealing

Choose the colour themes of your E-book wisely, making sure that each page has the contrast right to enable easy reading on the screen. Good design needs to integrate content and layout. Avoid being too text-heavy and add diagrams, charts, and infographics detailing facts and studies across the E-book.

A pull-quote to emphasise a key point is always a great idea. The cover should be simple and to the point with an eye-catching colour theme that goes along with the rest of the book. Space out your content – leave enough white space to help readers focus rather than get overwhelmed by too much information.

Tools like Canva give you easy and ample options to style your E-book layout. When it comes to E-book format, PDF is recommended for image-heavy content.


By adding an E-book to your content marketing strategy, you are establishing your brand as the expert in its field.

In exchange for their email addresses, readers get access to valuable and exclusive information, so there is a distinct value attached to it. The pitch is very important, and content needs to be informative and written in a compelling industry-relevant tone. Visual aids are an integral part of E-book marketing, and you need to blend them seamlessly into your content.

Have you created a business E-book yet?

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