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Top 5 Content Marketing Trends in 2020

With the ever-evolving digital market, content marketing is gaining more importance day by day!

The way people consume content has drastically affected the way content is produced, and vice versa. Businesses with an online presence are unrolling new ways for content distribution and taking different approaches towards their overall content strategy.

Users hold interactive content in high regard, appreciate content that adds value to them, and prefer brands which showcase authenticy.

Here are the top five content marketing trends dominating the industry in 2019!

1. Long form content is in!

Don’t confuse this with snackable content, which is more favourable content type for mobiles where people are making quick decisions.

Users are looking for more in depth content that answers their queries and adds value to them. Studies also show that longer form content is shared more frequently on social media platforms. As a content marketer, you should focus on answering all possible questions your users may have on a particular topic. Since there is no way for you to tell what they do or do not understand about your brand or industry, cover a topic from a 360 degree angle. While doing so, you can also break a topic in a series of articles. This is sure to work up your SEO as well!

2. Optimize mobile content for a smooth UX

Mobiles have had a huge influence on how online content is consumed today. Unlike people browsing on desktops, mobile users have a short attention span. People are consuming content on the go - day-to-day commute, shopping, eating, you name it.

Hence, while creating content you must keep mobile display in mind. Your user is already struggling to read on a small screen. You don’t want  to lose his attention with heavy content. Your content needs to be crisp and to the point, with plenty of visual aid. Videos are a great way to communicate with your mobile savvy audience.

3. Cross-team content marketing for different perspectives

Gone are the days when content marketers alone were responsible for content creation for a brand. To establish an emotional connection with your audience and build trust, you need to be more open. Do thought leadership articles for your C-suite and ask other teams to contribute blogs for the target audience they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Since everyone in the company deal with a different section of your audience on multiple levels, the communication is bound to be more effective.

4. Collaborating with influencers and other brands to gain more credibility

The biggest benefit of such collaborations is extended reach! By teaming up with such brands, you get an easy opportunity to quickly build trust among a new set of audience and grow credibility among your existing consumers. However, make sure the brands you reach out to are not in your competitive capacity.

How can you collaborate with a brand?

  • Offer guest posts
  • Do collaborative case studies
  • Social media takeovers

5. Chatbots for improved communication with the users

Chatbots are not a new concept, but they are rapidly gaining popularity due to constant developments in AI. Chatbots are known for instant customer support, but many businesses online also use them for user engagement and lead generation. Along with answering in yes or no, they can also draw more engaging conversations with the help of natural language processing (NLP).


When it comes to online content consumption, consumers are looking for useful information, improved experience, and reliable sources which showcase authenticity. This naturally suggest changes in the ways content marketing is practiced today. Evolving technology and UX require your most attention at the time! Use short videos and interactive infographics to catch users attention browsing on mobiles. For desktop users, leverage long form content. Also, stay connected with high-profile brands and use their platform to expand your user base.

Keep up with changing trends in content marketing and connect with your audience effectively.

What do you think about these trends?

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