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6 Tips To Help You Skyrocket Your Online Success

A well-written blog post doesn’t really have a secret recipe.

In 2018 it seems like everyone has their own blog and tens of thousands of subscribers for the ones who do very well and have cultivated a loyal audience. But the fact remains - there is so much content to go around that it may feel that your blogs have a bleak chance to succeed in the chaos. There definitely are strategies that can make your blog post great. Making your blog interesting often depends on your storytelling techniques as well.

Here are a few tips that can help enhance the reader’s curiosity in your blog.

1. The premise is the hook

As a blogger, your creative writing skill plays the lead role in churning out mind-boggling content. It tells you how to create a blog that will hook your audience. The introduction is your first and often only chance to set the tone and create an impression on the reader. The same goes for speech, an opinion piece, a magic trick or a comedy material. This is the first instance that a reader gets to hear the author's voice inside their head.

2. Weave a tale

Stories are powerful. Our brains are literally hardwired to absorb and store stories. Why? If done right, stories drive us to action. It is a scientific fact that good storytelling heightens the levels of interest by getting the reader emotionally involved. Take a look at this study about ‘why your brain loves a good story’ by Paul J. Zak in the Harvard Business Review.

A most common mistake that a content writer or a blogger makes is to focus solely on SEO copywriting. Blog writing is not just about that. Try to connect your topic to mundane incidents that will pique the reader's curiosity. Adding humorous anecdotes also go a long way. Throwing in a quick trivia of fun between the lines will make the audience laugh and make sure that they keep reading to find out more. Hence, no matter how serious the topic is, a good narrative will definitely keep your readers hooked on to what you have to say.

3. Highlight significant tips throughout the article

If there are ten people reading this blog right now, there will be two left standing by the time this blog ends. While visiting different blog sites, more often than not, readers quickly skim through the page contents to understand whether staying, after all, is worth it or not.

To ensure that readers stay put till the last word of your copy -tip highlight bits, pieces and phrases that you feel are important. Add tips or summaries through the content. Highlight them to stand out as the reader proceeds through the content. Attention to the presentation of the content is important for your article as it allows you to break the monotony of a string of words and makes your audience take notice of your content writing skills. Do you have a soft corner for quotes? Add them too!

4. Interaction is key

Writers often make the mistake of letting their readers go through endless paragraphs to convey a single piece of information. While it is necessary to maintain a tone of voice, it is very easy to get carried away when you are passionate or enthusiastic about a subject matter.

Interaction is a very critical element that bloggers often miss. And in doing so, lose the interest of their readers. Putting in small questions or polls allow you to move along the conversation. You can also add social media plug-ins with a variety of content forms that will re-direct your reader to share excerpts on their social media pages. Hyperlinking your posts to studies, polls or video clips to illustrate your article is a great way to keep your audience going.

5. The best kind of writing is ‘simple’

It is best to not overwhelm your reader by writing sentences that don’t seem to end or adding unnecessary words that people may not be familiar with. While writing, it is easy to forget that your audience might not be as adept with the words that you are using. Simple content always tends to find more acceptance. Get your words to flow but make sure that you don’t go far and beyond with your explanations. Let readers absorb what you are trying to say. The better people understand you, the more they would want to read.

6. A cartoon a day keeps dullness away

Did you notice the doodle at the beginning of this post? Sure! It’s funny, but didn’t it make you want to see if there were more of them?

Short doodles, sketches and pictures throughout your content will spike up your reader's interest. It prevents your blog from becoming mundane. Do you like to scribble? Or is there a friend whose creativity flows while doodling? Rope them in and see how your instructional blog becomes an interesting piece of fun art!


Any blog is an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas put together in a way that is informative to your reader. It reflects your personality, so, if you are the quirky soul with out-of-the-box ideas let your blog speak for you.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeves? How do you ensure quality blogs for your readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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