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Write More Quizzes For your Time-Sensitive Readers

Buzzfeed is a known name on social media. And what is Buzzfeed best known for? Buzzfeed quizzes. There is something about these quizzes that make us click on ‘take the quiz’ button on Facebook and other social media platforms. Have you ever wondered why are we are so hooked to these quizzes? Quizzes like the BuzzFeed quiz has nothing to do with your intelligence. It is just a fun way of keeping people engaged.

The popularity of online quizzes is growing every day, which is something you probably already know. Social media platforms are flooded with such quizzes and websites publishing them usually have a large number of followers.

So, what are online quizzes? And why are we talking about them. Read on to know what makes them so special.

What is an Online Quiz?

An online quiz is a quiz created purely for entertainment purpose. Personality and relationship quizzes are types of online quizzes.

Like Buzzfeed, there are many other websites that publish quizzes on a regular basis like Zimbio and Quizony. In fact, quizzes have become an integral part of website content. People with creative content writing skills are hired for developing these quizzes.

Let’s take a look at how these online quizzes are influencing digital marketing.

Benefits of Online Quizzes

Here are some of the benefits of publishing quizzes online:

  • Engaging with online users: This is a unique and fun way of engaging with your user base. Whether your audience are taking quizzes based on use of emojis to define personality traits or on future predictions, this is fun way to entertain your visitors. By publishing creative and fun quizzes, you can easily gain customer loyalty.
  • Connecting to a large number of online users: With an online quiz, you are able to connect to a large number of  social media users at the same time and without any extra marketing effort
  • Understanding your users: Online quizzes can serve as a powerful tool to gain valuable insights in your users. You can create quizzes customised to your industry to understand your user basebetter. For example: If you are selling apparels and accessories, you can create a quiz to know the colour preferences of your prospective customers. Based on their style and colour preferences, you can recommend  matching apparel and other fashion accessories.

Content written in the question and answer format in between a blog or article is a great way to keep your readers intrigued. It can be used as a powerful SEO tool as well to attract traffic and make the content of your website interesting for the readers.


Online quizzing is some that business enterprises should start venturing into. It will not only help them in connecting to a large number of online user but also give them a fair idea of their target audience.

It is important that you hire someone with proper content writing skills to develop the quizzes for your audience. For this, you will need someone who understands your brand as well as your market.

Do you think such quizzes will help in attracting more traffic?

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